Data Hoarders – Association Edition

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Tuesday, December 6th

1pm to 2pm, Eastern Standard Time

Data is a huge asset for most associations BUT it can also be a liability. Navigating the line between asset and liability is increasingly difficult as our associations face cyber-security, privacy and logistical challenges related to managing the volumes of data we collect. Many associations work on the model of “just save everything” but that places increasing burdens on IT systems and the humans trying to make sense of what our data reveals about our members.

Join James Marquis, CIO at 501Works and The CIO Hour and association executive Villy Savino, VP of Technology Transformation at CoreNet Global as we dive into the world of managing association data and establishing governance over this critical resource. You will learn:

  • What data governance is.

  • Why is data governance important.

  • How you can get data governance started in your organization.

  • The importance of quality checking your data.

  • How to establish a process for continued success.

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Dec 06 2022


1:00 pm - 2:00 pm


  • James Marquis
    James Marquis
    Chief Information Officer, 501Works

    James is a seasoned senior executive with more than 20 years of experience working with associations and non-profits of all sizes. James possesses excellent communications skills allowing him to function as a trainer, technology evangelist and to bridge the divide which frequently exists between functional business units and information technology specialists. Coupled with his ability to deep-dive into technology, these key skills allow James to operate across department lines and organizational levels to better integrate technology with the strategic and tactical needs of an organization

  • Villy Savino
    Villy Savino
    Vice President of Technology Transformation, CoreNet Global
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