Upcoming Events

Why are we launching Ven-Con?


Ask most association professionals about their thoughts on selecting, implementing, and managing an AMS/CRM system and you don’t find many positive experiences.  We all collectively feel like the “system” is not working particularly well.  But where do you start to make some positive changes?

Ven-Con is the first-ever event tailored just for AMS Vendors and Consultants in the association sector.  It is our attempt to spark some positive change.

Join us as we network with AMS vendors and consultants, discuss ways to improve the acquisition process and outcomes of critical AMS/CRM projects, and find new ways of leveraging insights from the 2021 and 2023 AMS/CRM System Selection results to collectively improve our space.

Cap off the day with a client panel featuring association executives who share their perspectives on improving the outcomes of the AMS/CRM software/technology lifecycle and working with industry partners.

Together we can forge better collaboration and drive improved outcomes for our association clients!