Mojo Middleware

Mojo Middleware

Right Data, Right Place, Right Time

Introducing the unique technology connector that directly links your AMS/CRM with the other tools you use to run your association . This makes your software ecosystem work better for you — and for your members.

Mojo Middleware is a specialized piece of software that lies between applications. Functionally, it forms a bridge that enables your AMS/CRM and other software to talk to each other and share the same data.

With Mojo, you can choose the technologies that best meet your needs, not just what your AMS or CRM offers. You can keep all of your contact and membership data consistent across every software tool. And your members can enjoy one login and a seamless experience across your entire online presence.

Staff Benefits

Save frustration by using your tools of choice. Eliminate tedious, error-prone manual data entry and reconciliation across systems. Strengthen marketing and outreach with more reliable records.

Member Benefits

Remember just one log-in for all association services. Enjoy a more consistent and convenient user experience. Ensure personal identity and financial data protection.

Organizational Benefits

Access to better business intelligence and analytics with the built in datamart. Gain access to the latest innovations faster, instead of waiting for your AMS/CRM to add connectivity or functionality. Save money by leveraging our integrations rather than asking for “one-off” AMS/CRM customizations. Reduce risk by diversifying your platform with solutions from multiple providers. Enjoy more robust business continuity and disaster recovery with archives of mission critical data. Improve data integrity and consistency. Enjoy hassle-free deployment and integration.

We’re here to bring association to your technology

After years in nonprofits and associations, 501Works set out to reimagine how technology could be more useful and effective for association staff as well as members. We focus on developing solutions that unlock more choices and the full potential of leading software tools,