Mojo Middleware

Mojo Middleware

Our unique technology connector links the leading AMS/CRM solutions with a wide range of the most popular association software tools — including marketing, learning management, communities and payment systems. This makes your software ecosystem work better for you and for your members.

How It Works

Mojo Middleware is middleware, a specialized form of software that lies between applications (in the middle). Functionally, it forms a bridge that enables your AMS/CRM and other software to talk to each other and share the same membership and contact data.

Primary Benefits

  • Use what works best for you — not the limited choices offered by many AMS/CRM providers.
  • Sync all contact and membership data across all systems in real time. No more manual entry or reconciliation of records, just data you can trust.
  • Save money by leveraging our integrations rather than asking for AMS/CRM customizations.
  • Gain access to the latest innovations faster, instead of waiting for your AMS/CRM to add connectivity or functionality.
  • Enable members to log on to any of your services with the same ID and password (Single Sign On).
  • Focus on serving your members — not fighting your technology.

Additional Benefits

  • Reduce risk by diversifying your platform with solutions from multiple providers.
  • Improve data integrity and consistency.
  • Strengthen marketing and outreach with more reliable membership data.
  • Provide a more consistent and convenient user experience.
  • Ensure personal identity and financial data protection.
  • Get up and running quickly with hassle-free deployment and integration.